an intimate wedding in the countryside of ontario

creemore, ON

Meg and Luke live on Salt Spring Island out west in British Columbia, but decided to tie the knot on their parents' farm in the countryside of Ontario. The couple wanted to have a rustic and intimate wedding that reflected their love of nature and the outdoors, and their parents' farm provided the perfect setting for their special day.

The couple's wedding took place in the summer, when the countryside was alive with blooming plants and sunshine. Meg and Luke exchanged their vows in a beautiful outdoor ceremony, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the farm. The couple's family and close friends gathered around to witness the couple's union, creating an intimate and personal atmosphere.

After the ceremony, the couple and their guests enjoyed a beautiful reception on the farm, complete with locally sourced food and drinks. Meg and Luke wanted their wedding to have a relaxed and casual feel, so they opted for a family-style dinner that encouraged their guests to share and connect with one another.

Throughout the day, Meg and Luke were able to incorporate personal touches into their wedding that made it truly reflective of their personalities and relationship. From the homemade decorations, the personalized vows they exchanged, to the tree they planted during the ceremony, they created a wedding that was truly unique and special to them.

This wedding reminds us that weddings can be personal and intimate, reflecting the personalities and values of the couple, and that nature always provides the perfect scenery for a beautiful and unforgettable wedding day.