Recently, I had the pleasure of doing a branding session with Roslyn, a talented and passionate plant-based holistic nutritionist. This shoot aimed to capture her essence, expertise, and commitment to helping others live a healthy and vibrant life. Roslyn's holistic approach to nutrition emphasizes the power of plant-based foods and mindful living. Because of this, it was my mission to translate her message into compelling visual content.

First and foremost I need to link her wonderful website and instagram as she is FULL of knowledge that I wish everyone had access to:

From our initial conversations, I knew that this shoot would be a creative and meaningful collaboration. Roslyn's dedication to her craft and her personality shone through every interaction we had. We shared a vision of creating imagery that would not only showcase her expertise but convey her genuine compassion for her clients.

We were able to shoot in her beautiful bright new kitchen in the home that she renovated. Then we headed up to Squamish to get some more nature-based photos outdoors. The images we created capture her dedication to empowering others to embrace a plant-based lifestyle and the vibrancy she brings to her work.

It is ALWAYS a privilege to collaborate with such a passionate and knowledgeable human. We both share a love for plant-based living and I feel so grateful to work with more like-minded humans. I've gotten to do 3 shoots for her now and will soon be shooting her wedding. You can check out Roslyn and her partner's engagement sessio here: